Snowy wastes, surrounded by mountains that come right up to the sea, with massive cliffs and very little vegetation.

The human inhabitants are dark- skinned, and tend to grow their hair in long dreadlocks. Their culture is one of survival and warfare, and they often trek across ice fields or sail to other lands for the purpose of raiding for supplies. They tend to be nomadic, primarily, but often establish coastal trading posts for the purpose of restocking and repairing their longships. 3599dc229ef73b83531afd2576597162.jpgThey also occasionally will establish outposts in the wilderness to support and protect nomadic parties as they travel following game. These outposts and ports are often multicultural mixes of many races and ethnicities. Their influence has spread throughout the region and Varfic is a sort of “barbarian lingua franca” used by sailors and traders. Their contact with magic is via the knockers of the mountains, and their priests often learn the “language of the wolves” (Lupic) from the mountain-dwelling faeries.

A great She-Wolf is worshipped throughout the region. Most Varvics respect and fear the fae, and disbelieve in Celestials and Infernals as foreign superstitions.


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